7 Indispensable Skills Making Up an Illustrious Sales Agent

As in each occupation, being a good sales agent requires a lot of training and specific  knowledge that can be obtained through learning. But being an outstanding sales manager means much more than that. Apart from charisma, creativity and intelligence, professionals single out a set of must-have skills that are bound to make an ordinary sales rep a celebrity in their sphere. Can’t wait for the revelation to start working? Well, then, help yourself to the list.

Knowledge of the product

No matter what degree in sales you’ve got, if you don’t learn everything possible about the object you’re selling, successfully closed deals will be scarce. So, make sure you can answer any questions and understand all details about what you’re trying to sell. Moreover, it’s critical that you compose the complete list of its benefits and keep writing down any new advantages that come to your mind.

Knowledge of the market

Even if you learn more than everything about your product, it won’t mean much if you’re ignorant as to the situation on the market. So, do a thorough research of the similar products your competitors offer and find out their strong and weak sides to be ready when your clients mention them.

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Listening skills

Unlike the popular stereotype concerning sales agent being very talkative, in fact it is much more important to be able to listen. This skill is indispensable for finding out the true needs that your client has. If you can listen really well, you will be able to personalize your message and talk of the benefits that are relevant precisely for your potential buyer. It works a lot better than simply enumerating your product advantages.


Even the most successful sales agent faces 7-9 “no’s” out of 10 deals. Instead of fretting over it, the best you can do is learn “not to take it personally, it’s just business”. In other words, learn to recover after each failure as fast as possible and keep moving. Remember that each “No” brings you one step closer to a “Yes”.

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Putting all eggs in one basket is not the wisest thing to do, to say the least. Same as putting all hope on one potentially profitable deal for a sales rep. On the contrary, you’ve got to be able to handle multiple deals at different stages in order to get the most out of them. This calls for much efforts, but they’re worth it, as some “hopeless” deals can turn out quite beneficial. Besides, it’s a good training that will be good for you anyway.


Marketers know the value of a returning customer too well. A sales agent who wants to excel knows that too, and therefore never considers the deal closed as soon as the purchase is complete. It’s important to provide post-sales support for the client, if possible, and this will be your investment into the future deals with this customer.

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Handling objections

Objections are inevitable, and they are nothing to fear if you know how to deal with them. First of all, never try to oppose your client or sound hostile. On the contrary, you should express empathy and understanding of their concern and then softly explain your point. It is crucial that you learn to uncover the true reason why a person isn’t buying, which will let you deal with objections most successfully. Make sure you do your homework with mastering various objection handling techniques and practice them well. One last thing - there are always people who just aren’t ready to buy, so be ready to stop and move on if you feel that is the case.

The best thing about the list above is that there is nothing here that you cannot learn or practice to perfection. Still, it’s far from being exhaustive, and you surely have your say as to what qualities and skills are absolutely necessary to become a successful sales agent. Do share your suggestions with us in the comment section below.

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