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Sales Trends to Keep Track of in 2022

So 2021 came and went, but marketing continues to push new boundaries, new sales trends, and 2022 is no different. After all, the sales industry is the heart and blood of your business (unless you are a non-profit). The more sales you can arrange, the more growth you can expect; that is the way to go, but do not forget about sales trends.

We live in an age where new things pop up all the time. TikTok, LinkedIn marketing, content strategies, all these things disrupt the traditional way of sales process management. To remain relevant, and more importantly, competitive, keeping tabs on modern sales trend analysis is essential. We think it is useless to remind you about sales trend definition as all modern businesses try to keep up with sales industry trends.

However, following all trends in selling is impossible and unnecessary as not all of them are useful in business. We took the time to gather some of the most important sales trends your team should take advantage of to deliver the best possible output. So, let’s take a look at nine popular selling trends without any further ado.

If you see fewer and fewer comments under your products and services, it is not a simple coincidence; potential customers probably learned about it from different sources. Whether it is a favorite YouTube blogger or an online publication, people gather info about offerings in communities and not just your product/service page.

Vendor-based communities aren’t new phenomena. They’ve been around since the early days of the internet, but only recently we’ve seen a considerable resurgence of interest in such gatherings.

More prominent companies are joining the bandwagon as well. The option to instantly spread information about your products, where both customers and merchants can communicate their needs and visions, will ensure sales analysis success. Many big-name brands start building forums and social media communities to encourage even more products and service trends in sales.

Sales Trends White

A community page will help you directly spread information about your product and improve your sales tactics. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to offload your support centers and personnel expenses since you will relay most info on the community page. If you have an empty social media publication page, we suggest that you start building that following now for advanced sales capabilities.


Just three to four years ago, LinkedIn was nothing more than a place to find work and document your experience. Today, however, it is slowly becoming a social network for both customers and vendors alike. More and more companies share their professional content on the platform, and there’s always something educational to read.

That is why LinkedIn has proven itself to be an excellent platform for marketing and sales strategies in the B2B sector. Whether it is promoting business cases or sharing technical expertise, LinkedIn is no longer a site to find work but rather to encourage sales and perform social marketing. Think about it; high-profile resumes are good indirect marketing assets.

If your company employs talent, both vendors and customers will take the employees’ prowess into account. Use this as a bragging point; promote your employees just as you would encourage a business pitch. Reevaluate your LinkedIn activities and start social selling there.

Sales Trends Linkedin

Written Content

Content is a big one among the sales tools. So much so that we are beginning to see that content isn’t just suitable for developing a following but a fantastic asset in just about any engaging sales strategy.

Big companies are reaching out to content experts as they need a voice that won’t just communicate to users but convince other businesses to invest in your expertise. Written content has a massive advantage over every other outreach channel as it can be adapted and presented in just about any marketing channel.

Whether it is an instant article, or a micro-blog, or heck, even a long email read, content can spread like wildfire through any communication point. Sharing such content is also easier. Some say that written content will be fading away in the coming years, but that is not true. Scripts have to be written, headlines composed, and Instagram posts sharpened. High-quality video production isn’t possible without writing.

If you are still doing the usual cold calls, email pitches, then your efforts might prove to be more effective if a well-written base is already available too. Lead your prospects to your blog, educate them, convert them, and make them your marketing assets. Let your content make the sale.

Video Content

We all watch videos. Whether you are working out in the gym, going for a jog, or eating your breakfast, chances are, you are watching something on your phone. In 2021, Statista reported that we spend more than 10 hours watching videos on average per week. No wonder. With most of us stuck at home, video content is a haven for both people and businesses alike.

A 2021 report by Wyzowl suggests that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. This was 85% in 2020, 87% in 2019, 81% in 2018, 63% in 2017 and 61% in 2016. Many companies combine their content efforts (written and video) to maximize the effects of their marketing campaign. If, for some reason, you aren’t investing in video content production, better start now.

Sales Trends Video

Machine Learning

Over the past couple of years, tell me how many times you’ve heard someone bring up the terms AI and machine learning, or even neural networks? Probably a lot. These technologies are the future, but only recently have they become viable marketing and sales analysis management assets.

Just think about it. Inbound marketing is now an AI-driven system. The same can be said about social media targeting too. Neural networks, paired with predictive algorithms, have a high chance of recognizing when a reply is favorable or not. They are also reasonably good at predicting what course of action sales teams should take. You can use all this data to your advantage and increase potential sales.

Delivery Speed

Here’s another question. How many times have you got frustrated over a delayed delivery? It is probably a couple of times but not to the extent as new generations react to it. Millennials are far more impatient than the previous gen, and the most concerning part of it all is they are nearing their 30s, meaning that they are slowly becoming decision-makers.

Like it or not, your sales team needs to adapt to these changes, and the sooner you restructure your product/service delivery, the more sales you can expect. And money isn’t an issue either. On average, Millenials buy two premium-priced items a month. Therefore, if you can improve delivery times, then do it now before someone else does it before you.

Conversational Marketing

When people think about big corporations, you imagine them as faceless personalities that don’t care about you and only want your money. However, it turns out they aren’t so faceless, and it is all thanks to conversational marketing. Nothing comes closer to personal than a good old, friendly talk between interested parties. This is a modern sales approach that brings loyal and faithful customers who will most likely be your product recommenders.

Having a one-to-one conversation with your customers is nothing new but most people like the conversation to be less formal and more understandable. Today, nobody has the time to listen to long, formal discussions; people want a shotgun of facts thrown at them one-by-one.


Conversational marketing is a no-fluff, straight to the point, and non-formal info dump. It is a technique that encourages communication where the customer isn’t intimidated to ask questions in a non-formal manner. In other words, it is a feedback-driven system that fosters higher engagement and greater loyalty, and you should employ it to boost your sales.

Interactive Content

One of the most critical metrics in any marketing campaign is engagement and what better way to improve it than by introducing interactive content. As the Asian proverb goes, “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” The same can be applied to content.

If you allow your prospects to try out your service/product immediately, they will be more inclined to purchase it. More than 90% of buyers are searching for interactive content in favor of traditional formats. In other words, we are not talking about free trials; we are talking about quizzes, polls, AR ads, and 360-degree videos.

It is not about the freshness and uniqueness of such content. It’s about the connection the prospect has with your product or service. Investing in interactive content is critical. It is far more memorable, and it is far more effective in convincing the person to use your products and services.

CRM systems

Even though companies try to reduce their expenses, they can’t scrimp when it comes to sales automation and analytics in sales. That’s because CRM platforms provide effective sales organization, to keep all sales in one place and it is the biggest trend in sales.

CRM (customer relationship management) is a system that helps to automate your sales process and create deals and pipelines.

What is a CRM system used for? Well, it allows you to visualize the movement of each deal through a sales funnel and control. By the way, with such a system you can recognize the weak point of your sales, and estimate what stage needs improvement. Checking your sales rep’s work is also a must, so statistics and charts are often available in CRM systems.

If you are a Zendesk user, we suggest you try the CRM and Deals app for Zendesk support. It has all previously mentioned features of CRMs and it helps you to successfully combine support and sales and to move your contacts from tickets to deals. That’s why this is a great addon if you are looking for seamless integration of those two processes.

CRM And Deals Sales Trends

Value-Based selling

The best piece of advice to sales representatives in 2022 is to stop moving your product to the customer at any price. The customer is no more sensitive to words like: “Don’t miss the chance”, “Limited offer”, “An offer you can refuse”, etc. As a result, they’ll search for the company which performs value-based selling.

What does it mean? Value-based selling is one of the new biggest sales trends when sales reps are educators as well. They identify the needs of the prospects, select the best solution and tailor their product or service to personal needs. Also, they are strong experts, often certified, and know their product or service from the inside out. Besides, presenting the complete information about the product is the strength of that system. As has been shown in practice this way of sales shows much better results than aggressive sales.

However, you must be sure about the quality of your product or service before implementing value-based selling. With high-quality production, you can avoid lowering the prices and giving a discount which adversely affects your profits.

Definitely, Covid-19 pandemia affected the personal finances of everyone and only singles raised their profits. People changed and demands changed as well. As a result sales trend analysis became the starting point in planning sales tactics. As you know “Who owns the information, he owns the world”, so sales trends knowledge can be helpful in:

  • Planning your content strategy.
  • Defining sales reps certification.
  • Sales automation.
  • Better performance analysis.
  • Improving product quality.
  • Improving delivery speed.

The world of sales management is about to change even more. Customers are finding new contact points, employing new technology, and demanding premature deliveries. And this implies changing your strategic sales approach and sales trend analysis. Addressing such needs will prove a challenge for simple sales teams, but they are certainly worth the effort. But what do you think will be the 2022 most significant trends? What are your thoughts on the matter?

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