Customer Support and Success Implementation

GrowthDot is a team of professionals when it comes to Zendesk development, implementation, and customization services. We provide help for our customers from all over the world no matter what their company’s size is. We’ve worked with a wide range of industries, so we know how we can help exactly your company.

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Improve the way you are using Zendesk in advance

Proactive Campaigns: enables to easily
create and share outbound emails.

Amber: offers a change to a dark color
scheme for night time usage.

Professional Services for Zendesk

Custom approach to your dashboards

Step 1

Zendesk Integration.

Step 2

From and to Zendesk migration.

Step 3

Support during any service.

Step 4

Consulting Strategy.

Step 5

The Process of implementation

1. Customer requirements gathering

GrowthDot team wants to make sure that everything will be done according to your business needs. That’s why we collect all the required information to understand the key features of your perfect future solution.

2. Drafting

After researching based on the client’s ideas we visualize the possible solution and predict possible issues in order to avoid them in the future.

3. Building your first sample

Our team creates a sample based on customers requirements to ensure that everything works correctly before the very implementation.

4. Creating a design

GrowthDOt designers develop a unique design for your User Interface with attention to details. At this step, customers are able to make sure the design was created to mirror their business indeed.

5. Setting off

As you approve the ultimate sample, we will proceed to the implementation process and go further up to the solution release.

Why use GrowthDot service?

As Zendesk official partners, we are experts in its functionality and key features, so we offer our
customers the most advanced solutions for possible workflow optimization in a short period of time.
Service implementation couldn’t have been more seamless and qualitative.

Our pricing is maximally clear and requires no hidden extra expenses after your implementation.

Why our solutions are so effective?

We deeply study your business’ processes and requirements in order to provide the most suitable and functional solution.

Our team of professionals develops a solution based on your unique case.

Only after sample approvement, we create and implement a sample.

We continue working on your customer success solution even when you’ve already started using it to make it perfect for your company. All possible changes happen quickly and precisely with our team making sure they will be insensible for your workflow.

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