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Video Reply
  • Uses the app to provide video assistance;
  • Request videos from clients.
Company: AIMS360
Industry: Retail Apparel and Fashion.
Location: Los Angeles, California.
The challenge: How to save time and increase efficiency in assisting clients.
The solution: Request video recordings of the client's issues.
The result: Clear understanding of customer problems that leads to more effective and faster support.

Today, we're introducing you to Scott Allen, the Director of Training & Customer Success Leader at AIMS360, a leading software provider in the global fashion industry. Scott's expertise provides valuable insights into how the Video Reply app for Zendesk has transformed customer support at AIMS360. As a key player in training and customer success, Scott's perspective clearly explains Video Reply's impact on improving client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

It's a product that people can use confidently to know that it should resolve the solution they're looking for.

Scott Allen
Scott Allen Director, Training & Customer Success Leader
How Video Reply Became an Effective Solution for AIMS360

Please tell us a little about your company

My company is AIMS360, which develops software for the fashion industry. We license our software to multiple brands. We have probably 300 different customers around the globe. Of those 300 customers, they'll have anywhere from 3 to 60 plus users, and each one of those users has access to support.

Sometimes, when they ask questions about issues, how to use the software, etc., we need to find out exactly what they're speaking about. Not everybody can easily write out what they're really trying to achieve in a question format, so that's where the Video Reply came in.

How did you come across our Video Reply app?

I was looking for something to improve support. Previously, I was using my Snagit software, or we were trying to schedule Zoom meetings with people to look at the issue with them, and it just took so much more time.

Also, when you're making a live connection with somebody, they not only want to show you the question or problem they're having. They also want to ask you 20+ questions, which becomes a black hole of time. So we wanted something that made support very succinct, allowing us to see clients' issues and answer their questions as easily as possible.

What was the main challenge you faced that made you try our app?

Well, in this day and age, as much as people are used to being on computers and typing. In the fashion industry specifically, there are still a lot of old-school users who don't really have the wherewithal of technology. And so often, when we ask them to tell us exactly what is happening with the software or to explain their issue, they can't quite get it succinctly in words. They can't type it out.

So, we needed a solution that would allow us to see what they're doing, what button they're clicking, or what item they're using to determine where the issues arise.

Are you satisfied with the GrowthDot support team?

Anytime I've had a small issue, the support has been fine. To be honest, we really haven't had that much support. The product has worked very well. It's also nice to know that people can use it confidently, knowing it should resolve the solution they're looking for. And then, if there is also a question or issue, you guys have good support.

What benefits have you noticed since using Video Reply in your customer support services?

For us, the whole idea of support is to assist as many people as efficiently as possible. And we didn't have something like Video Reply or even the option to send them a video very quickly. Then we're talking about scheduling more live in-person calls, which ultimately results in a happy customer. But it also takes a great deal of time.

The Video Reply made it more efficient for us to get the details we needed related to the item or issue and be able to provide them the support they required.

What additional features would you like to see in our application?

The only issue we experience with our users is that we send them the link, which shows up as a nice little image. Sometimes, that doesn't make sense to them, so I copied the URL and added both the URL and the image.

Also, five out of ten times, if somebody creates a video and hits stop, it doesn't send it to us because they don't hit save. So, I had to write a macro in Zendesk that says to click the link above and then, in bold, click save. So I think that the minute somebody stops recording, it should save the video right then and there and send it.

Would you recommend the Video Reply to your partners?

Yeah, I think the Video Reply is a very useful tool. If anybody else asked me about a tool for their support team, especially using Zendesk, since it integrates easily, I would certainly recommend it. People love to see a face and know who's talking to them, so those types of tools are becoming increasingly popular with anybody using video options for support.

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