Stay Up to Date with NPS and Survey for Zendesk - Features Unveiled

Need to learn about your audience's preferences and improve your customer support strategy? Our team took care to make this process quick and easy with the NPS and Survey app for Zendesk. The user-friendly interface gives your support agents access to a set of great tools that help strengthen relationships with your clients.

So, without further ado, we're ready to present to you a bunch of useful features of the NPS and Survey app.

Measure Customer Satisfaction with NPS and Survey App for Zendesk

See the survey response directly in the ticket

Want to improve your support service quality immediately? Now, your agents can view the customer's survey response within the ticket. It's only visible to the team members since the system saves the answers in the private comments. Use this data to quickly identify customers' needs, measure their satisfaction levels, or just see their mood during the conversation.

Response in the private comment

Be sure to enable this feature when creating a survey in the Response tab by checking the "Create private note on response" checkbox. And when your clients complete the survey, the result will be automatically sent to the ticket.

Create private note on response

Seeing survey responses within the ticket context provides a comprehensive understanding of the customer's specific issue or request. Support agents can easily recognize dissatisfied customers and prioritize their responses to reduce any negative experiences and improve customer satisfaction. Personalize interactions with your customers based on their feedback to build stronger customer relationships and make their experience in your company smooth and enjoyable.

Introducing the new NPS and Survey app

Does your company care about customer satisfaction? If not, then you probably should. Start implementing a customer-centric approach with our new NPS and Survey app for Zendesk.

This integration can help you gather valuable feedback and information about customer satisfaction to develop your support services. Create an unlimited number of surveys across four different types:

  • Five-star rating
  • 0 - 10 rating
  • Text feedback
  • Yes and No buttons

Survey types

Manage survey templates to personalize the questionnaire and add a touch of brand identity. Also, translate the survey into your preferred language and customize the content to best suit your needs.

Manage templates and translate

Moreover, the sending process is automatic. All you need to do is set up triggers for each survey. This way, you can use different types of surveys at different stages of the ticket process to measure CSAT and NPS scores.

Thanks to built-in statistics, identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the support team becomes even easier. Just check reports inside the app, analyze the data, and take action to improve and optimize your company's performance.

Built-in statistics

Empower your Zendesk with our apps

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