Video Reply for Zendesk - How to request a recording

Have you ever felt the necessity of requesting a video from a customer during problem-solving? If yes, then we prepared a great update for your usage in Video Reply for Zendesk - the ability to request a reply with a video file. It provides two-sided effective interaction and communication, besides, it helps to solve issues faster than ever before.

So, how to find and use the update? You will find out how it works right in the next section.

Send video request in Video Reply for Zendesk

The new feature is located just next to all the other standard functions of Video Reply. You’ll find a new update even during your basic routine work in the add-on. First, open your ticket in the Zendesk Views tab. Then click on the Video reply icon in the Public Reply bottom panel. Select Request a video option on the opened window to attach your request link to the email body.

Video Reply For Zendesk Ticket ViewTicket View

The link will be sent to the recipient with the email body.

Video Reply For Zendesk LinkTicket View

The receiver clicks the icon after he receives a reply, follows the link to a tab with three options of recording “Record from your camera”, “Record from your screen”, and “Camera and Screen”.

Video Reply ScreenRecord Options

Then the user chooses the option and a part of the screen to record and presses the Rec button to get started.

Video Reply For Zendesk RecRecord the Video

Finally the recipient names and saves the video.

Video Reply For Zendesk SaveSave and Send

The following notification is displayed on the screen after the video is saved.

Video NotificationNotification

Stable work in all browsers - additional benefit

Video Reply app requires access to your webcam and screen before recording. Allowing access in every browser is different which is often a cause of some problems during creating a video. However, our team fixed imperfections, so smooth work is an additional advance! Now, we are in the process of enhancing work in the Safari browser.

Try Video Reply for Zendesk

Test Video Reply app for better solving customers’ needs:

  • Record videos directly from Zendesk, create tutorials
  • Save videos in the library, add tags

Also, we recommend trying other custom apps, Zendesk theme customization, and Zendesk consulting services. Enjoy working in Zendesk with us!

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