CRM and Deals Pricing Plans with Extended Functionality

Time goes by and nothing stands still. That's why we try to change for the better. So we made some changes in our Zendesk Apps and CRM and Deals pricing plans are not an exception. Unfortunately, the free version will be closed on July 13th, but the Free version's users will have a chance to test the whole features of the plugin for 7-days. Afterward, they will have to choose one of two paid plans in the CRM plugin.

The reason for closing the Free version is to have more resources for improving the quality and efficiency of our apps and services. Now, let’s compare new pricing plans with a previous free version.

Comparison between different CRM and Deals pricing plans

If you are an active user of CRM and Deals for Zendesk you may know that with a free version you could:

  • Create 1 pipeline;
  • Move your deals among 4 stages;
  • Create 2 custom deals.

With the occurrence of a new Lite plan you can:

  • Create a pipeline;
  • Set 5 stages;
  • Produce 2 custom fields.
Try it only for 6$ per agent per month.

The advantage of a Pro Plan:

The Pro plan includes the creation of pipelines, stages, and custom fields without any limitations, so you can perform any actions to improve your sales funnel.
Try the Pro plan only for 9$ per agent per month and enjoy boundless options.

Try CRM and Deals for Zendesk

CRM and Deals for Zendesk allows you to increase your sales by:

  • creating a visual view of your sales process;
  • tracking the reasons of lost/won deals;
  • filtering deals;
  • keeping a timeline of more details on your customers;
  • forecasting your sales.

By the way, we made numerous updates of all our Zendesk apps. The refreshes also concerns to CRM and Deals, so you may check out what's new.

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