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Updates to CRM and Deals for Zendesk

CRM and Deals is a helper for your sales and business on the whole, and it works excellent in synergy with Zendesk. However, sometimes you may feel like you need to go back and forth through Zendesk and your app, so the workflow is seamy. By the way, Zendesk could limit your app's work and make it unflexible for your case. That's why we made some updates to CRM and Deals.

Great news! We've made CRM and Deals more compliant and multipurpose. Also, it is less manual and more automated from now on.

Add automation to manage your deals with less human efforts

Automation setting up is the first and most fundamental upgrade of CRM and Deals for Zendesk. It excludes moving the deal to lost over pipeline manually if it gets stuck on one stage for an endless time. That helps you avoid forgetting about that deals and move them to lost automatically every day, week, month, or year without wasting your time. As a result, you'll get a clean and organized pipeline.

To schedule the automation, open your existing pipeline and select the Edit option, as shown below.

CRM And Deals Update Pipeline

Then, you will be taken to the Update pipeline page. Click on Create an automation button and enter the name, start date, frequency, and the regularity of periods in the Repeat every field.

CRM And Deals Update Automations

For example, if the selected Frequency is Weekly, Weekdays -Monday, and Repeat every - 3, the process runs only every third Monday mentioned. If you need the automation to run every week on the same day - select 1.

Next, select the End. It can be a date or the quantity of wholly performed actions.

Also, set the stage and days of inactivity, which indicates the amount of time the deal needs to be held on the particular point to be moved to lost. Finally, select Lost reason which matches the particular stage.

Add attachments to deals

As you may know, deals are connected with tickets for your convenience, so now there is an opportunity to add attachments to the ticket directly from the deal. It provides a more advanced combination of customer support with sales as you can use the full functionality of ticket formatting in every deal. Just look at the screenshot below to understand how it works.

Updates for CRM and Deals Attachments

Note: It is necessary to add a public comment to the ticket. Otherwise, the ticket will not be updated.

Ability to solve tickets without closed deals

Previously you could face with situation when you needed to close a ticket, but it is impossible as the deal is still open. That could cause some inconvenience during your work. This issue is in the past, and you can move the ticket to any status regardless of the deal's stage. You can turn on this option in General settings on the Settings page.

Updates For CRM And Deals Allow

We hope these updates of CRM and Deals for Zendesk will help you to simplify your daily work.

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