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3 Reasons to Use a Screen Recording Plugin for Zendesk

For many people, calling customer support can be deflating and disappointing. Well, the main issue isn’t with calling. The amount of time you have to wait on hold is annoying. Recently, research from Harris Interactive revealed that the top two main reasons for customer loss are failure to resolve an issue in a timely manner and treating customers rudely.

Do not forget; a customer is the king of the market and time is most precious for all your customers. So, the best way to retain them and save their time is to create videos that help address their problems. Creating support videos can help them when they face any problem regarding your product or service. According to Forbes, video is one of the most cost-effective ways to support and train customers.

It is a great way to leverage the brand-customer relationship and create an emotional connection between them. Creating a video for your customers could be a hassle if Zendesk screen recording plugin ‘Video Reply’ wouldn’t be there. Here are some undeniable benefits you can enjoy by using the video and our plugin.

1. Higher Engagement

A report discovers that people are ten times more likely to engage with video content than text. You will be surprised to know that 59 percent of senior executives said they prefer to watch a video. No one should underestimate the value of using video content. Especially when it comes to customer engagement, video is a great key to achieving higher engagement. Customers are likely to understand better through this strong tool. You can use video to record replies and send them to your customers instead of dull text responses.

2. Increased Conversions

Forbes says that 90 percent of customers agree that a product video helps them in making a shopping decision. A report from Animoto found that 64 percent of customers agreed a video made them more likely to buy a product/service.

Video Reply, the Zendesk screen recording plugin, allows you to record quick tutorials. It helps you demonstrate, present, and explain your products or services more effectively. Not just this, using this tool will save the time that you’d spend answering the FAQs.

HubSpot reports that 97 percent of marketer agrees that video helped them understand their product or service, increasing the conversion rates.

3. Higher Retention Rates

Gartner predicted that almost 100 of the five hundred largest international businesses would integrate video-based support to have effective customer interactions. Video Reply allows you to communicate with your customers in the best way of communication. Responding to customers via email while maintaining an empathetic and sincere tone is quite challenging. Using a video makes this easier and reduces escalating tensions. It is an incredible way for increased customer satisfaction, which is key to retention.

Final Word

Today, many customer support teams are integrating video to resolve customer cases and increase deflection. Video content helps boost customer satisfaction and retain them for longer. Using video for customer support can significantly enhance your marketing strategy and leave your clientele feeling empowered, satisfied, and informed about your product or service. Use Zendesk screen recording plugin video Reply to leverage the smartest tactic and enhance your customer support effectively.

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