Top 10 Tools and Tactics To Find Any Email Address

In our previous post we discussed the proven formulas and tactics of cold emailing that can help get your email not only noticed and read, but also responded to. You must be anxious to try them out if you haven’t done so yet. Probably the only thing that stops you is finding the email address of the person you want to contact. Then, get ready to create your email masterpiece, since in just a few minutes needed to read this post you’ll be well equipped to find out virtually any email address.
If you are expecting to find the well-known Rapportive method, you’ll be disappointed since it is not here. There are much more effective ways of looking up email addresses and we have prepared a short overview of the top 10 resources.


If you don’t feel like installing lots of extensions for your browser, or finding leads is not what you do very often, this tool might suit you well. Simply visit and enter your contact’s name and corporate domain into the corresponding fields. A few seconds of waiting - and the email will appear on your screen.
Price: Free

Visit GetPoke

#2. Email Hunter

Available both as a Chrome extension and a full-featured webservice or via an API Email Hunter specializes in looking up email addresses by company domain. It provides the list of emails associated with the specified domain, so finding the right one is not a problem. Being a premium tool, it offers searching as much as up to 200 domains a month, which can be enough for moderate needs and are available after registration.
Price: $0 for up to 200 domains/month
$49 for up to 3000 domains/month
$99 for up to 10000 domains/month
$199 for up to 50000 domains/month

Visit EmailHunter

#3. Voila Norbert

The simple to use tool is helpful provided you know not only the person’s name, but also the company he/she works for. In this case, you only need to provide these basic details and wait for the requested address to appear. Mind that it pings the mail service in order to verify the found address, therefore there’s a possibility of its being blocked after a number of attempts.
Price: 10 free requests
$5 one hour access
$10 one day access
$50 one month access

Visit VoilaNorbert

#4. Datanyze Insider

Being one of the Datanyze prospective tools, Insider is available as Chrome or Firefox extension. It is extremely convenient since it allows finding out the person’s email address without leaving the page you’re browsing. Simply highlight the name you’re interested in and right-click to receive the email address almost instantly.
Price: Free

Visit Datanyze Insider

#5. HeadReach

HeadReach is a prospecting tool designed to help sales, marketing, and data research people find valuable business contacts. With HeadReach you can find targeted leads with their real emails, social profiles, and contextual data. No chrome extension needed. Just search inside the app.

10 free emails
100 emails for $19
250 emails for $39
500 emails for $79

Visit HeadReach

#6. CEO Email Addresses

Right as the name implies, this tool is useful if you’re looking for a really “big fish”. It has a big database with email addresses of companies’ CEOs, so if you’re lucky and your contact is on the list, make sure you send him/her an awesome email.
Price: Free

Visit Ceoemail

#7. Conspire

This is a networking app that presents a totally different approach to contacting the needed person. In layman’s knowledge, as soon as you sign up and provide your email address, it connects with your network and builds the path to the one you’re looking to contact through the people you’re already connected with.
Price: Free

Visit Conspire

#8. LinkedIn Email Export

This method is simple, yet known to “the chosen ones” mostly. If you have extensive LinkedIn connections, it may be enough to find the necessary contact. So, all you need to do is go to Advanced settings - Connections and select Export LinkedIn connections to have their email addresses moved to your Gmail contacts.

Visit LinkedIn

It may sound weird, but Twitter can be useful for finding email addresses too thanks to its advanced search option. There’s a condition, however - the person in question must have included the email into one of their tweets, otherwise the search will give no results. Anyway, checking it out is quick and easy:

  1. In the Words section, line “All these words” insert search terms (at) (dot).
  2. In the People section, line “From these accounts” insert the person’s Twitter handle.

If you’re lucky, the desired address will be found within seconds.

Price: Free

Visit Twitter

Don’t hurry to omit this tactic as ineffective. Basic as it is, it can help provided you know how to ask. So, try the following queries, taking care to preserve the punctuation:

  • “[name] + email (address)”
  • “[name] + contact (information)”
  • “[name] + [company] contact”

If you don’t feel like looking through the entire company website for the contact info, this is the quick way to search it via Google:

  • “ + [name] + email’
  • “ + [name] + contact”

Price: Free

Visit Google

Bottom line

Definitely, the list above isn’t exhaustive, but it represents the most effective tools and methods of email finding. The great news is, you don’t have to commit to only one of the resources above. Instead, they can be used interchangeably or even simultaneously, and since most of them are free, the process is virtually lossless.
Have you got your favorite tools that we missed? Are there any special tactics that helped you obtain the desired contact info? It’ll be great to learn about your experience or any suggestions, so feel free to share them in the comments below!

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