Top 5 Proven Tools to Increase Conversion

Digital marketing becomes sharp and requires practical tools to increase conversion and get the most of SEO and ad campaigns. Having a final goal to turn more visitors into customers, businesses of all shapes and sizes pay the attention to conversion rates more than ever.

Your website, landing pages and blog are valuable resources, and to make them profitable you need to understand what attracts your visitors, and what makes them leave. So let’s clear up what is CRO and what tools can increase your conversion rates.

Do You Need CRO?

Conversion rate optimization, aka CRO, is when the visitor does an action at your website - signs up for a newsletter, creates an account, makes a purchase, downloads your app or plugin, etc. Shortly, CRO is defining why your visitors aren’t converting and fixing it.

You shouldn’t be a medium, and there is no need to guess or drive more traffic regardless of engagement quality. To increase conversion, you need to

  • Receive the valuable insights into analytics and user feedbacks
  • Set your KPIs into CRO approach
  • Use the traffic you already have

Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Despite the countless options to improve your website performance, there are always limitations in time and resources. That means you need to drive your efforts in the right direction.

Here are the 4 issues holding you back from achieving the desired conversion increase:

  • Define the numbers you have to raise
  • total conversion - the amount of users that did activities described as converting by your KPIs
  • conversion rate - divide the total conversion number by the number of site visitors
  • Countbounce rate - the percentage of users who leave after viewing just one page
  • Figure out the exit rate for each page and see what the visitors viewed before they have left
  • Get the insight into the engagement metrics
  • average time on site - the duration of site visiting
  • average page views - the number of viewed pages before leaving

5 Expert Tools to Increase Conversion

As they say, no obstacle is ever insurmountable, and the following 5 selected tools will help you to handle the issues, increase your conversion rates and turn your ‘site-trotters’ into loyal customers.

#1 Technical Diagnostics with GTmetrix

Life runs very fast and long page loading doesn’t win you a higher conversion. So focusing on the optimization of your site, start with the testing page speed. Give a try to GTmetrix suite with a feature set for improving your site performance. The tool uses around 30 various approaches to website analysis and provides detailed recommendations for boosting speed and, therefore, increase conversion.

GTmetrix has a free plan (with the analysis up to 3 URLs), and 4 paid plans with more features, API credits and report filters in each one. The cheapest starts with $14.95/mo.

#2 Better UX with UserTesting

The myth about the non-existence of truly intuitive website can be busted. With UserTesting service, you can create a test for your targeted audience, and get results and video report in an hour. This tool allows you to analyze sites, apps and even prototypes. You can choose the demographic parameters of your testers, design questionnaires or use the suggested ones. Due to testing on various devices, you get better tips for the conversion increase.

UserTesting comes at 2 price plans - Basic ($49/video; $99 after first 10 videos) and Pro that requires contacting.

#3 Optimizely for Reliable A/B Testing

Feel doubtful about the changes in the content layouts or want to test new features? Optimizely will help you to increase conversion by split testing on various devices across desktop, mobile web and apps. With this tool, you acquire an editor, analytics integration, cookies and IP targeting, as well as the audience segmentation for more valid results.

This testing service provides a Started Plan (for free) and an Enterprise Plan (with business customizations) that requires getting in touch.

#4 QZZR: Engage Your Audience

Services for quizzes and polls gain more attentions due to the visitors engagement feature. With QZZR, you can drive social traffic, generate quality leads and hand over the targeted offers. Also, you may embed your content into various types of quizzes and polls and share them.

QZZR offers 3 plans Basic (free), Pro ($299/year), and Enterprise (customizable so requires contacting).

#5 Insight into Behavior Analysis with HeatMapCo

Can you increase conversion from the first sight? HeatMapCo will aid you in defining the striking graphic or message to get the intended action from the visitors. This is an innovative eye-tracking prediction technology uses the algorithm based on scientific researches. Major advantage of HeatMapCo is showing the user perception of on-page elements and analyzing it within the first 30 seconds. Besides, no code changes on your website are required.

HeatMapCo provides the following pricing policy:

  • Free plan for 2 analyses and 2 collaborators
  • Basic ($9/mo)
  • Professional ($29/mo)
  • Gold (custom service package) requires contacting

Driving At Conclusions

Summing it all up, you see that the website optimization process can be improved in various ways. However, you should choose useful tools to increase conversion and achieve desired profitability of your website. Time is precious, so get down to testing and advancing your website into the revenue-driving engine for your business.

What are your optimization tools? Do you know any other tested tips? Don’t be greedy and share in comments.

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