Cheap or Free Small Business Marketing Ideas

When you get the word about your small business, you take the first step in ensuring it succeeds. However, only some have a substantial budget to market their business, products, and services on a large scale. The good news is that you can use several cheap or free business marketing tactics. As a plus, they are very effective in promoting your business.

Keep reading to learn about the best ways to market small businesses that will do wonders.

Leveraging the Power of a Simple Website

Considering marketing ideas small businesses can rely on is creating an official website. In today's world, each small business requires as never before. Setting up a simple website is one of the cheapest and most effective small business marketing ideas. You can use it for marketing your products and/or services. Your site should appear at the top of the search results when individuals search for your business or company online.

If folks are looking for services or products in your area, your website needs to appear in search results. Using Search Engine Optimization can greatly enhance your website's chances of showing up in online search results.

You do not need to spend much money to set up a simple website with all the basic but essential information about your business and products. At this point, you might be wondering what makes a business website effective. All the information relevant to your business should be explicitly clear.

Individuals should easily find your working hours, location, and contact information. Furthermore, your site needs to contain at least basic information regarding your services and products. You can also include a blog and various customer testimonials, and having a content marketing plan for it would be a brilliant idea to implement. As a result, it will draw people to explore your site further. You can easily set up a basic website for less than 120 dollars, depending on your needs. This marketing strategy is perfect for small businesses.


Email Marketing

One of the most obvious marketing ideas for small businesses is email marketing. The main advantage is that there is no need to spend money at all or you can make a little investment. However, it is still a cheap business marketing idea. So, while planning the email marketing campaign, you should consider a target audience first. If you want to get the most out of the email campaign, research and segment your customer into several groups. Therefore, you will be able to send personalized mass emails with less effort.

Besides, email marketing can make a supportive impact on other marketing strategies, like referral programs. Along with it, add downloadable checklists or free materials to increase the number of loyal customers that influence the retention rate.

If you are a Zendesk user, you can use extensions to leverage marketing tactics via sending bulk emails. For example, the Proactive Campaigns app is a perfect tool for email marketing as it allows businesses to segment customers in different ways and send mass email campaigns. Moreover, you can apply attachments and make visually appealing emails thanks to editor functions or use HTML code.

Proactive Campaigns For Marketing

Partnerships with Other Businesses

Collaboration with other businesses is another terrific marketing idea for your small business. It will put you in front of a large audience and not burn a hole in your wallet, either!

Try to team up with other local companies and businesses in your area. Collaborating allows you to promote and endorse each other's businesses and products. As a case in point, you may offer your consumers a lucrative coupon to buy any other business's products/services. This works and vice versa, too. An alternate option is to promote each other to your mailing lists.

A great tip is to identify and team up with complementary businesses that sell the same products or services that you do. You will want to refrain from collaborating with your competitors. That would considerably hinder your marketing progress and peril your entire small business.

Another viable strategy is to look for a business that sells a related item or service to yours. For instance, if your small business is a burger joint, you may team up with an ice cream shop to lure your ideal customers.

McDonald's is a prime example of an eating establishment that constantly teams up with other businesses to boost its marketing. McDonald's used to be a very small business once upon a time, and look at it now. For example, they will advertise the biggest blockbuster film currently running in a cinema chain on their happy meal boxes.

In exchange, the cinema will offer the movie watchers a coupon to purchase a meal from McDonald's at a discount.

So, what about other small business marketing ideas that are free?

Marketing For Small Business Partnership

Leveraging Video Marketing

Videos are a trendy, practical, and free-of-cost marketing idea for any small-sized business. It may cost you a substantial amount of money to engage the services of experts and get a professional video shot to upload on your YouTube channel. However, you don't need to hire a professional to make quality videos. One of the best things about video marketing is that you can easily do it yourself on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram.

As you can see, the best small marketing ideas are on the surface. Therefore, videos can help in gaining customer loyalty and assist you in making that important connection with your vast audience. The room for creativity is endless with this free-of-cost marketing strategy! For example, you can combine videos and images of your products and services to great effect. You can also prepare a script to go with the video and add a dose of humor in it as well to hook the audience!

By replying with a video, you can add a personal message or branding message, whichever is suitable. Finally, be sure to add a powerful CTA (call to action) to the video, such as "Check out our site! Or "call us today to book an appointment with our team. Distribute the marketing video on various online channels such as video hosting websites and social media platforms.

Marketing For Small Business Video

Blogging for Your Small Business

If you seek free but highly effective small business marketing strategy ideas, you can always consider blogging for your small-sized business.

Businesses can use blogging to draw traffic to their official site, enhance online visibility, boost user engagement, and Search Engine Optimization. There is no denying that blogging is a proven tactic to promote your business, products, and services you sell online. It is a splendid means of telling stories about your small business and providing helpful information to potential customers. If you do it properly, blogging can market your small business to a different level!

Blogging about your products and business is very simple. If you happen to be an expert, you can easily create top-quality and useful content. This content will help you convince an audience to purchase your services or products. Keep in mind that there is no need for your blog posts to be complex and long. Think of blog posts like status messages on Facebook but slightly longer. Also, use social media posts to promote articles from your website.

Blogging is truly worth the effort and time for your small business marketing. By creating quality and persuasive content, you can make your readers and potential customers come back wanting more. Isn't that the whole idea behind marketing?

Small Business Marketing Blogging

Create a Customer Referral Program

There is no doubt that word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful and efficient way to market and advertise your small-sized business. More than 90 percent of the customers, according to Nielsen, firmly believe in recommendations from their family members and friends over any other advertising form.

Developing a customer referral program is one of the cheap business marketing ideas that can require low-budget marketing tools. Essentially, you can use it to increase your word-of-mouth marketing. In return for referring new consumers to your small business's products or services, try to offer your current consumers something. This can be, for instance, a complimentary service, free-of-the-cost sample product, lucrative discounts, or any other reward. Moreover, you can keep it low cost if you have a modest marketing budget.

This digital marketing strategy makes your customers talk to their family and circle of friends regarding your business. In most cases, they would always mention whatever it is that you are selling.

In addition to everything else, a customer referral program can help you show gratitude to your current consumers.

You get to boost your business revenue via referrals, and your customers are also pleased with their rewards. Everybody turns out to be a winner! That is why it is considered one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses.

Words Of Mouth

Narrate a Story with Milestones or Data

Several small establishments frequently use this most popular small business marketing idea to promote their services and products.

Crunch all your business numbers and observe if any noteworthy anecdote comes via your data — you may have enjoyed successful business with more than 2000 clients in your region. Or maybe you offer your service or product at a significant percentage greater than the industry's standards.

Put a sign in front of your business outlet or publish these results online on your official business website. Most surveys have revealed that individuals respond well to numbers as these are data points they can easily digest. As a case to point, "More than 5000 content customers in our region!" will surely outperform "The community adores us" every time.

On the other hand, you can say that experts have completed an academic study that revolves around your specific industry. Leverage it to relate to your business's utility by putting it online on the internet and ensuring that you highlight the most integral parts of the study. So this is one of the marketing small business ideas you can use to the max.

Small Business Marketing Sign

Establish a Presence on Various Online Platforms and Forums

If most of your customers surf online, you should establish an online presence on various platforms to market your small business and reach out to a broader clientele. It is not a very creative marketing idea small businesses can try, but compelling enough.

One of the best things about building a strong presence on several online platforms such as Reddit, Quora, or any other forum where your consumers usually post is entirely free to do. You will be able to put your business's products and services in front of your potential online customers without putting a dent in your financial resources. Also, remember the social media channels to use for promotional purposes. If you don't have any, it may diminish your marketing efforts.

Answering several queries in a helpful and non-promotional manner will go a long way in helping to build your online visibility among your potential consumers.

You must keep in mind that if you sell your business in a heavy-handed manner to your audience, you run a substantial risk of turning potential new consumers away from your particular business. You do not want that, especially if you are starting a small company!

Various Social Media

Making an Investment in YouTube Videos

If you seek the top marketing ideas for small businesses, there is one that is considered to be a game changer. The YouTube platform has become increasingly popular thanks to its search algorithms.

Establishing a business presence on the YouTube platform is one of the best ways to market for small businesses, given that the former will soon become the second largest search engine (second only to Google) in the United States of America.

Just think of a video as it is your marketing material. You can create a sweet and short video (and upload it on your YouTube channel) showing what your business does and what products you sell. Alternatively, you can dive into a topic associated with your business. Your potential customers may be looking for useful how-to videos that give you a golden opportunity to grab and hook their attention.

And since you can shoot videos on your smartphone device, this great marketing idea is cheap and can have a sizable impact.

Suppose you want to invest in YouTube videos as your small business marketing idea. In that case, it is essential that you thoroughly read up on Search Engine Optimization strategies related to YouTube to ensure that all the work you are doing pays dividends and then some!

Small Business Marketing Youtube

Register on HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

The last of the free marketing ideas for small businesses we will mention is getting an account on the HARO platform. You should certainly be on 'Help a Reporter Out' if you are looking for press for your small business at no cost.

HARO is a platform for reporters seeking assistance on articles or other content pieces they are working on. These reporters request a response on particular topics, and industry specialists and leaders answer. If they use your answer in the article, your business and name will show with it, and you will be able to market your business this way.

If you think you are an expert in a particular topic or industry, ensure you are on HARO answering reporters. It is a free and quick marketing idea for small-sized businesses that want to appear in the news.

Marketing with Haro

Wrapping it Up

So, here's our guide on how to market your business for free. To summarize and as you would have probably realized at this point, if you do not have a very large budget but have even the smallest ounce of imagination and creativity, you can reach out to several potential consumers. They will help expand your small-sized business without exhausting your financial resources.

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