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Make your Help Center customer-friendly while being exclusive at the same time. Choose from ready-made templates, company branding, or get a custom-made Zendesk theme that meets your specific needs.

Custom Zendesk Guide Themes for all Businesses

According to the Customer Experience Trends Report 2021 made by Zendesk,
More than 60% of customers prefer to address their support requests in the company’s help center.
To make this happen, your help center should be easy to browse and find answers as well as meet your branding to stay recognizable.

We offer a free Zendesk themes installation

Installing our themes is very easy. Just follow this detailed instruction. However, if you would prefer spending your time doing something else, we would be glad to install the theme for you.

For no extra cost, we will install the template on your Zendesk Guide. The whole process usually takes 12 to 48 hours.

Please note that you will have to provide us temporary admin access to your account to execute the service.

The time it may take to install the themes for Help Center may vary due to some factors. For instance, the time difference, the time-lapse between replies and, lastly, the time needed to gather the access credentials.

Other than the free Zendesk Help Center Themes Installation, you can also order Zendesk Branding or Customization. That way, you won’t have to spend time adjusting the theme to meet the brand.

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How our Zendesk themes are different

You are not limited to what Copenhagen offers.
Our Zendesk Help Center themes are based on the default functionality of Zendesk Guide but offer better use of it.
Enjoy new design and article elements, features, and more. Regardless of the type of theme you choose.

Learn the difference between our themes
and the default Copenhagen theme

All basic functions

All our Zendesk Guide themes have the basic Guide functions in them.

A multitude of icons

Customize your theme with Font Awesome icons. Choose from over 670 icons.

Multiple languages

GrowthDot themes allow using Dynamic Content to localize your help center for the convenience of your customers.

Compatible with all browsers

Our custom Zendesk knowledge base themes are optimized for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Advanced article formatting

Make your articles easy to read with the formatting elements included in our stylish Zendesk helpdesk themes.

Customizable design and layouts

Adjust the look of the theme to meet the brand style and make it a user-friendly theme.

Featured minimalistic Zendesk Help Center themes

Select a ready-to-install and practical theme to boost your self-service performance.

What is Zendesk Theme Extra Components

It is formatting that is available in Aarhus and Odense themes and makes your article stand out of the bunch. Make it more readable and more attractive without the need to install extra plugins.

Extra elements are visual features such as tabs, images, and tables that can transform the way your Zendesk Help Center looks and feels. All of our themes come equipped with added capabilities.

Not only your Help Center will feel and look glorious but will not require you to install several plugins and features. While it's true that Zendesk does not have these components out of the box, all of our themes are tweaked to support them. In other words, they are futureproofed.

Table of Contents

Help Center articles can sometimes be very long. And therefore confusing. Halfway reading through the article, a customer might feel lost. And what if they need to jump back to a certain paragraph? Here goes the endless scrolling.

Table of contents in Aarhus theme

With Table of Content, your customers will be able to easily jump from one part of the article to another, as well as keep track of where they are in the article.

More on table of contents
Table of contents in Aarhus theme

Callout Blocks

Whether you want to mark a vital part of your site or simply notify your visitors, the callout block will get you started. Employ different styles, color schemes, and fonts to create a unique message. Attract your visitors discreetly and effectively with smart callout blocks.

Notes in Aarhus theme

Learn more about blocks

Font Awesome Icons

Beautiful icons are an indispensable part of our themes. They are not only capable of capturing your visitor's attention but are easily recognizable. All of our templates come packed with more than 670 Font Awesome icons. These include the following:

  • High quality icons
  • Icons for every taste
  • Free to use
  • Different sizes
  • Animation icons
  • Stylized icons
Icons in Aarhus theme

Get to know more about Font Awesome and find out more of what you can do with this amazing icon pack.

How to use icons

Accordions and Tabs

Organize your content in custom Zendesk themes, and make it more digestible with our tabs and accordions. With these elements on your side, you can easily fit plenty of content into one place without making it look like a mess. It is critical to have your pages look not too long and attractive to the eye, thankfully, by using our templates, it's easy as one-two-three. Here's how it looks like:

How Accordion looks like:

Accordion effect in Aarhus theme

Sample tabs in the theme:

Tabs in Aarhus theme

Embedded Videos and Picture Effects

Explore new and unique ways of presenting your images and video content with us. By using our video and image customs, you will not only make a more visually attractive picture but will make it so much more easy to view. With the help of frames and shadows, visitors are bound to watch it till the end.

Images in Aarhus theme Zooming image in Aarhus theme

Even more components

We have so many additional components that exploring every one of them wouldn't be efficient.
So, here's a list of everything we provide:

And so much more. If you want to learn more about each tool, take a look at our descriptions. You can also head over to the Help Center and see how you can implement these components.

Also, if you look for an additional component that isn't listed here, be sure to let us know. We can make one that will meet all your aesthetic and business needs. And in case you need help with determining what additional components you need to implement, we can help you out! Be sure to use our contact form to learn more about the process.

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Learn About Other Features

Responsive Themes

All of our Zendesk Help Center themes will work on practically all devices.

Multi-lingual Support

Localize your content to reach customers across the world to deliver unified customer service.

Layouts For Everyone

Make your corporate style shine the most with our unique designs and layouts.

Why We Are Different

Trusted by Zendesk themselves, we serve companies from across the globe, including the US and EU.

Support For All Functions

We know the ins and outs of Zendesk, meaning that our themes support even the smallest features.

All Browsers Supported

Whether it's Firefox, Chrome, IE11, or Safari and Edge, our themes will display correctly on every single one of them.

Without Risks

We take good care of our customers and ensure that you have absolutely zero reasons to worry about.

Compare Us

You can stack up against us anyone you want to see what makes us different and why working with us so beneficial.

Highest Quality Code

We don't like spaghetti code, hence why all of our themes have a clean and easy to read code. With us, you will have zero trouble adding extra features.

Amazing Icons Bundled

Every theme comes with a set of icons (more than 600 of them) that you can use straight out of the box. Free of charge, forever.

Extra Components

Our themes can be easily modified, thanks to included visual components. Make your page stand tall!

Custom Themes Vs. Standard Themes

Added formatting components, improved readability, unique layouts, customization options, and so much more!

Services for Zendesk Guide

Theme Installation

Give your time and attention to what matters - your customers - while we install the theme for you.

Theme Branding

Get some quick edits done to your theme. Change the colors, logo, and other features to meet branding guidelines.

Theme Customization

Want to realize an exciting idea? Do it by ordering a customization service. You can request to change any elements and layout of the article pages.

Email branding

Make your support emails stand out with a custom email design. Change the colors, put custom text, and make many other tweaks.

Extended support

Whenever you need to redesign your theme, add new elements or enhancements, we'll be there to help you out.

Copenhagen upgrade

Add any tweaks to the default Zendesk theme to make it look and feel more like your brand.

Multibrand license

Pay once, install multiple times. Why pay for the same item for various brands when you can save money with a license?

Service You Will Enjoy

We enjoy making themes, and we love Zendesk. Our mission is to make our customers happy!

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