Incident notification

Hi dear customers!

Zendesk apps may not work correctly due to Zendesk technical issues.

Details: We defined the problem and resolve it at the moment. Check this article from time to time to follow the updates.

Time: 06.07.2022 10:02 UTC+2

Products affected: GrowthDot apps - Email Tracking, Proactive Campaigns, GDPR Compliance, CRM and Deals, Video Reply, UpChat.

History of the incident:

10:02 - some users are experiencing problems accessing applications (email tracking information continues to be collected and displayed adequately).

10:45 - the reason is found, and our developers are investigating access issues to Zendesk apps. We will provide more information today.

14:00 - the access issues were fixed. Now you can use GrowthDot apps as usual. By the way, we also recommend you clear the cache.

Hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+R or Ctrl + F5

Thank you for understanding.

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