What’s new in Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk?

Proactive Campaigns app for Zendesk Support is an advanced bulk email sender. It helps manage your marketing and sales by sending the right messages to hundreds or even thousands of contacts.

Our team made some fundamental improvements for this app in 2021. Nevertheless, we do not stop there and continue to develop new features and improve user interfaces. As a result, better usability helps enjoy new features to the full extent. Let’s see what we added this time.

Search bar in Ticket and User lists

If there are dozens of ticket and user lists in your Contact Views or Ticket Views, you may find it tiring when you scroll all the way down looking for the specific list. For that reason, we have added the search bar in the Proactive Campaigns interface. Just start typing as usual to find the particular user or ticket list.

New In Proactive Campaigns Search

Language import in CSV file

Need to compile your CSV considering the regional differences of your users? From now on, this option is available in Proactive Campaigns! So, you can import the language field if you follow the specific conditions. That means you need to create the field in your CSV file with the correct language format, for example, es-cr (Spanish - Costa Rica). Here is an example of a CSV file.

CSV Sample New In Proactive Campaigns

Then, you will only need to select the corresponding meaning in the Language drop-down field in the Field mapping window. Then, click Save.

New In Proactive Campaigns Mapping

Read the article about CSV import to know more about this option.

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