NPS and Survey for Zendesk

Gather insights on-the-go with Zendesk customer satisfaction survey app

The result of Zendesk surveys can be surprisingly unexpected or not. You will never know exactly until you try our NPS and Survey app for Zendesk. Simply ask your client and simply get a response! Four types of surveys, multilingual content and branding are available, so you hurry up and implement the most daring ideas!

NPS and Survey for Zendesk
Measure Customer Satisfaction with NPS and Survey App for Zendesk

Here is how you can benefit from the NPS and Survey for Zendesk

20% increase in revenue

35% increase in customer satisfaction

21% increase in your team’s productivity

100% reliable measurement of customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Gather more comprehensive details with the enhanced capabilities provided by NPS and Survey for Zendesk

NPS and Survey app for Zendesk expands your possibilities while interacting with your customers. For a complete evaluation of customer satisfaction rating in Zendesk, use different triggers for different types of surveys. Using survey templates, you can create:

5 star forms

Get a clear understanding of customers’ loyalty

Rating forms

Ask your customer to evaluate your product and service more accurately by putting a rate from 0 to 10

Yes/No CSAT surveys

Create a survey with Yes/No options

Text forms

Allow your customers to answer your questions in full

Dynamic content

Dynamic content

Did you know that only 17% of people speak English language? And less than 5% are native speakers. NPS app translates your CSAT surveys into as many languages as you need. Also, you can check the preview of each survey form before launching the process.

In-app survey reports

Check out statistics to make a correlation between rates and customer satisfaction. Get rid of the weak points in customer service. With NPS and Survey for Zendesk, your path to customer service star will be much shorter and easier.

Zendesk survey monkey
Internal notes summarizing survey findings

Internal notes summarizing survey findings

Review survey responses within the ticket and take a thorough insight about the customer's particular request. It helps to quickly identify unhappy customers, prioritize responses, mitigate negative experiences, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. Tailor your interactions with customers by incorporating their feedback, fostering stronger relationships, and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience with your company.

NPS and Survey within GrowthDot Enterprise

Interested in exploring more ways to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty? Our NPS and Survey functionality within GrowthDot Enterprise empowers you to do just that. From advanced analytics and reporting to customizable survey templates and automated feedback workflows, we provide tailor-made resources for your unique business to deepen customer relationships and drive long-term success.

NPS and Survey within GrowthDot Enterprise

Try the NPS survey app if you need more than just a “Good” or “Bad” rate for your tickets in Zendesk.

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Ready to elevate your customer satisfaction? Start using NPS and Surveys today and gain actionable insights to improve your business!

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