Code Is Great But
It Is Also Prone To Failure

Poor code ultimately slows your system down. Especially after some time when
you performed multiple modifications, you are bound to encounter bugs.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

The title says it all. When you are buying a new vehicle or home, you don't base your decision solely on the price. Cheap products are good only for a small amount of time. To get most of your investment, picking the right product at the right price is paramount.

Neglecting the code quality is neglecting the poor experience your customers will have in your help center. Cheaper themes might seem "good" at glance. But imagine your house being remodeled fully when you move in furniture. Even minor. This is a poor codebase.

The stronger the foundation, the more room for improvement you have. With better internals, you don't have to worry that some small plugin will destroy your theme. He who wishes to save a penny will most likely have to pay twice.

Long story short, the price will increase over time and with cheaper products, this is even worse.

Quick and Dirty Code In A Nutshell

There is a thing among software developers. It's called quick and dirty code and the main idea of it is that they write "new" code from scratch as fast as possible. Typically, this involves copying parts of code from other projects or writing scripts that do not take into consideration all variables. Such type of coding can only be used to prototype and demonstrate a PoC. Under no circumstances, such algorithms have a place in products like Zendesk Help Center.

Avoid difficulties with built-in functionality

You can't create a good theme for a platform you don't have profound knowledge of. Overlooking small little details and vital components is easy and this is what separates a good theme from a bad one. A good theme covers everything as if it was made by the vendor themselves. And this is what we deliver to the table. You won't be able to distinguish a theme and an official skin.

How Poor Code Will Affect Your Zendesk Help Center Profile

Take a look at what elements will suffer the most.

Code Visibility

When your Zendesk help center theme has a nicely written code base, then it will be significantly easier for another specialist to add new features and modify it. Essentially, this will save time and money in the long run.

Maintenance Expenses

As we mentioned, good code saves time and money as it is easier to extend, modify, and transform the product. It is also easier to fix smaller things without shutting down the whole thing. A bad product can't have small edits here and there, you need to remove the whole thing and fix it. This is sub-optimal and this isn't what you'd hoped for.

Bugs. Bugs Everywhere

One of the most defining features of a quick and dirty developer job is bugs. When your theme does things it shouldn't, you will not only feel ripped off but will have to pay more in the long run. You won't notice these issues from the get-go as some of them can occur when you have plenty of visitors.

Low Developer Morale

When you bought a bad product and expect your tech department to fix it, you will surely leave a scratch on their faces. This is something most devs don't like, especially when they didn't volunteer to do it.

Developers at Growthdot make sure that every theme is tested and that the quality of code meets international standards.
Making your life harder is making our products a harder sell. We want you to be sure that when
you get a theme from us, you have absolutely zero problems with it.
All of our prices are final and you won't be required to pay in the future.

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