All Browsers Supported

We made sure that all your customers, regardless of their browser, would be able to fully
experience your service. Nothing cut, nothing simplified, pure compatibility across all browsers.

Help Center Accessible Everywhere

It goes without saying, browsers are our gateway to the web, which means that having a well-designed, feature full help center is paramount. But its not just about features, it's best that you ensure compatibility across the board. You need to ensure that your content appears on all browsers equally.

When developing a cross-browser website, it is critical not to forget about the crucial design aspects. Leaving out vital design concepts will not only result in a non-functional page, meaning that your customers will only get frustrated. But thankfully, by using our themes, you will not only save a lot of time and effort but provide an uncompromised browsing experience.

Aarhus theme supported browsers

Optimized Backend

We made sure that our themes employ a rigorously tested code base so that you can have a 99% compatibility across all browsers.

Whether its Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, the look of your help center will stay adequate 100% of the time.

We'd also like stress out that our themes are web standard compliant which means that you don't have to worry about any Google penalizations for bad code.

Sensible Design

We made sure that our themes look just as good as they do on the inside. With clever design choices and good codebase, we made beauty and functionality work in tandem.

Each theme went through a series of tests so you don't have to worry about visual differences across different screen resolutions.

Consumer Friendly

We made sure that our themes are capable of delivering the same amount of information regardless of your browser.

This is why your customers can be sure that they won't miss out on important information. All our layouts are user-friendly and highly readable on any system.

Learn About Other Features

Responsive Themes

All of our Zendesk Help Center themes will work on practically all devices.

Multi-lingual Support

Localize your content to reach customers across the world to deliver unified customer service.

Layouts For Everyone

Make your corporate style shine the most with our unique designs and layouts.

Why We Are Different

Trusted by Zendesk themselves, we serve companies from across the globe, including the US and EU.

Support For All Functions

We know the ins and outs of Zendesk, meaning that our themes support even the smallest features.

All Browsers Supported

Whether it's Firefox, Chrome, IE11, or Safari and Edge, our themes will display correctly on every single one of them.

Without Risks

We take good care of our customers and ensure that you have absolutely zero reasons to worry about.

Compare Us

You can stack up against us anyone you want to see what makes us different and why working with us so beneficial.

Highest Quality Code

We don't like spaghetti code, hence why all of our themes have a clean and easy to read code. With us, you will have zero trouble adding extra features.

Amazing Icons Bundled

Every theme comes with a set of icons (more than 600 of them) that you can use straight out of the box. Free of charge, forever.

Extra Components

Our themes can be easily modified, thanks to included visual components. Make your page stand tall!

Custom Themes Vs. Standard Themes

Added formatting components, improved readability, unique layouts, customization options, and so much more!

Services for Zendesk Guide

Theme Installation

Give your time and attention to what matters - your customers - while we install the theme for you.

Theme Branding

Get some quick edits done to your theme. Change the colors, logo, and other features to meet branding guidelines.

Theme Customization

Want to realize an exciting idea? Do it by ordering a customization service. You can request to change any elements and layout of the article pages.

Email branding

Make your support emails stand out with a custom email design. Change the colors, put custom text, and make many other tweaks.

Extended support

Whenever you need to redesign your theme, add new elements or enhancements, we'll be there to help you out.

Copenhagen upgrade

Add any tweaks to the default Zendesk theme to make it look and feel more like your brand.

Multibrand license

Pay once, install multiple times. Why pay for the same item for various brands when you can save money with a license?

Service You Will Enjoy

We enjoy making themes, and we love Zendesk. Our mission is to make our customers happy!

Better help center experience is one step away

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