Formulas to Make Your Cold Emails Work … and Feel Warmer

For decades finding the perfect cold email techniques has been a dream of virtually every marketer around the globe. They tried and tested, and did it all over again to find the “sorcerer’s stone”, converting each email into a new customer or a successful sale. The great news is, unlike the stone that has never been found, the long craved for magic formula actually exists, and what is more - there are a few of them.

Tips to get your cold email read

Let’s first take a look at the proven strategies that help you get your email opened and not get lost in the inbox along with hundreds other cold emails.

Make them personal

Remember that the person you’re addressing is bombarded with emails daily, so avoid template-like features that will surely lead your masterpiece into a “Deleted” folder, like impersonalized greetings (Dear Sir… or To whom it may concern). Instead, find out who exactly you’re writing to and address him/her by the first name. It also works well to do a little research on the person (like hobbies or interests) and show this in the letter opening or underline some common things between the two of you. It certainly takes time, but the results won’t take long to show up.

Focus on the customer

Instead of focusing on your own or your company’s advantages and achievements, focus on your potential client’s (or his/her company’s) needs or issues and show how you/your company can help. This lets your addressee feel you care about them and maybe a strong spur to respond.

Be laconic

Keep in mind that your email isn’t expected or looked forward to. It is fortunate if it gets opened at all. However, when it does, the reader should not be scared away by the voluminous message in the fine print. Think about the most important things you would like to say and place them as close to the beginning, as possible. Keep your message short and make it easy to read through using short paragraphs, bullets, etc.

Imply what you want them to do

No, it shouldn’t sound like a call to action in an ad, but still at the letter closing ask your addressee to perform the action you expect - to respond, to give you a call, to schedule a chat, visit your website, etc. It is also considered a good technique to ask them a question at the end of the letter, which sometimes compels the person to respond.

Follow up

Even if you never got a response to your first email, don’t give up. The person can be so overloaded he/she might have forgotten to reply or lost your letter in their inbox. Following up in 2-3 days with a short message will help to get you noticed and answered to.


Formulas of successful cold emails

Present - Future - Way

Start by concisely describing the current situation or problem of your addressee (their present). Next, picture the future improvements that are possible. Finally, explain how they can be achieved with the help of your company/solution etc.

This formula is based on the behavioral approach in psychology that considers pain and pleasure the biggest motivators for people. By using both, you will get closer to your goal.

Attention - Interest - Desire - Action

Every marketer knows this classic formula. However, not everyone knows that it can be successfully used with cold emails too. So, catch the person’s attention (for example, include the fact about your addressee), ignite their interest by providing a good reason, spark the desire (for instance by listing your other clients or an exclusive offer that expires soon. Finally, state what the person should do to obtain the desired value.

Picture - Proofs - Action

Describe the desired reality for your customer or use a promising opening. Next, support your idea with a chain of facts, studies etc. Finally, indicate the next step your addressee should make.

The strength of this formula lies within the series of facts and proofs, making your promise much more credible.

Let them opt out

Numerous studies prove that a person is more likely to accept an offer if they feel no pressure and have the freedom of choice. So, by showing your addressee the way out increases the chances they will get in.


Bottom line

Well, now that you know some of the tips and tricks, time to see them in action. Have you got some secret formulas that you feel like sharing? Do you have any comments to make? Then, do join the discussion below - we’ll be happy to learn your point of view.

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