How to Migrate From osTicket to Zendesk Fast

If you are tired of osTicket, or maybe you want something more powerful, chances are you’ve considered Zendesk as your next platform. You gathered all the details about the ecosystem, evaluated all the pros and cons, and decided that it is the right one just hours later to find out that moving your stuff from osTicket isn’t so straightforward. 

“Kind of a bummer” - some of you might reason but don’t fret, there are ways to move your stuff to the new platform. And this is precisely what we will explore today, so let’s take a look at how you can export data from osTicket. 

Things to Prepare To

Before we jump into the methods, we’d like to point out a few things that we’ll have to deal with before you can export data from osTicket. And the first one being is the fact that you need to settle on a specific time and day. Preferably when there’s none working and the customer load is minimal. After all, you don’t want to go offline midweek cause you are doing a migration project. That would leave quite the marking on your reputation, and reputation costs money, effort, and most importantly, trust. Be sure that you move your stuff when the amount of incoming requests is minimal. 

The second thing you should do is clean your data. We are 90% sure that you have records you won’t use again. Ever. Yep, we are talking about those records that you thought you would employ but buried them under other stuff. We suggest that you scout your entire database to see if there are any data points that are just there. Doing so will speed up the process and even save you some money (more on this in a bit). 

The third thing you should do is prepare your team for the upcoming changes. While this might seem obvious to most we would like to note that telling them about the migration is good but there’s more. Precisely speaking, it is best that you ask your team to get familiar with the new tool in advance (if it is possible that is). It would also make sense to tell them to finish work that is dependent on your current system to avoid deadline violations.

How It Works

And now for the migration process itself. While you can opt to play with files and incompatibilities, we suggest that you opt to use the GrowthDot services. Don’t know what it is?

Well, it is a dedicated migration service tool that you can use to move from just about any help or service desk in an automated fashion.

That’s right, you don’t need to code, juggle files, or heck, even follow the process. 

To start your migration, all you have to do is write us, GrowthDot, an email about your upcoming transfer. Once you’ve specified from what source you are moving, you will be asked to provide some information. Typically, we need your credentials to move stuff as most system lockdown themselves if tampered from the outside. Now, there is no need to run away since all your stuff will be protected and no data leaks will occur. 

Once you’ve provided the necessary stuff, you will be asked to specify the entities. What entities?  Entities are your records or more specifically, your tickets, cases, knowledge base elements, and even your customer data. After you’ve specified what stuff you would like to move, a demo/test migration will be carried. Essentially, a small portion of your data will be moved to see if everything goes well. If the moved items are there where they should be, it means a full-blown migration process can be carried out. 

Pros & Cons of GrowthDot?

Now that you know how the tool works, we’d like to point a few pros and cons about it. We’ll start with the cons, and the number one is the fact that it is a paid solution but here’s the thing. You aren’t paying for some unexplained transactions, nor do you pay for “invisible” work. You pay only for the number of records moved, nothing more, nothing less. 

The second con would be the fact that it won’t work “out-of-the-box” with a proprietary tool but even that can be fixed. That’s right, our team also offers custom migrations that you can use to move your precious data. And that’s pretty much for the cons if you can call them that. The system is great and the people working there know what they do. 

Bottom Line

If you need a reliable way to export data from osTicket to Zendesk, there’s no better way than to use GrowthDot services. Our tool is affordable, it is reliable, and we will get the job done fast. But in the meantime, that’s all for today. If you need more info, we suggest that you head over to our Zendesk migration services page or contact us directly. 

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