Pricing plans for Proactive Campaigns - What you should know

Proactive Campaigns received many positive reviews from clients as it proved its functionality. So, you will be surprised by how intuitive and simple it is, as many users noticed this feature is a huge advantage. We love our customers and try to give the best support service for them. However, this requires permanent business extension and raising the cost-of-doing-business, so a little change in pricing plans can help us to change for the better.

Comparison of two pricing plans for Proactive Campaigns

Instead of pricing up, we offer two plans for different business sizes and demands. Let's take a closer look at the brief matching of two pricing plans for Proactive Campaigns:

Lite Plan

5$ per agent per month.
  • Run campaigns offline;
  • Launch the campaigns with the maximum quantity of 1000 emails per campaign;
  • Share campaigns and contact lists;
  • Create contact and ticket lists using filters;
  • Set up triggers and schedule your campaigns;
  • Assign campaigns to groups, agents, or brands;
  • Choose the address to send the email from;
  • Import CSV files with contact lists and use the fields mapping;
  • Send internal notes;
  • Add formatting to your email body.

Pro Plan

15$ per agent per month.
The Pro plan includes the same options but without a quantity limit, so you can run as many campaigns as you need without an unbounded count of emails.

Obviously, the changes are not fundamental, there are just some limitations in the amount of sent emails. So if you're an owner of a small business the Lite plan can meet your demands.

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