Email Tracking for Zendesk

Get a read receipts app for your Zendesk.

Sales and customer support is a grind. Our app is developed for tracking email opens on Zendesk and making your life easier. Get a clear understanding of your open and reply rates. See which leads are more solid and be more consistent and proactive with your outreach, so you don’t miss an opportunity.

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Check when customers open your emails with Email Tracking for Zendesk
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Add structure to your day with the help of our Zendesk tracking app

Make the most out of
your sales and support emails in less time

Track email opens in Zendesk with accurate read receipts
See what types of replies make people engage
Know exactly when to send a follow-up
Visualize and analyze the overall and individual performance with in-depth reports

Track email opens with ease

The app creates a read receipt with the exact time and date to let you know that the email has successfully arrived at its destination. You will also see how many times each Zendesk support email was opened and when was the first or last time anybody opened the email. Works even with messages running around the Agent Workspace!
Email tracking read receipt
Notification window Email Tracking

Receive desktop notifications

Do you send a lot of time-dependent Zendesk emails? With notifications turned on, you will get an instant notification about the read email and will be able to create an automatic follow-up to reach out to your customers when they need you most. Decrease ticket resolution time but increase customer satisfaction instead! The notifications can be disabled at any time.

Analyze who clicked on the link from the ticket Available only in Pro plan

Meet a new advanced option - link tracking. It goes together with email tracking, so you get two read receipts. One of them is with link tracking info. Mark one or several links and get the internal notification with the exact time of the link following. Also, check out link opening activity using link tracking reports.
Link tracking
Follow up window Email Tracking

Step up your follow up game

Zendesk Email Tracking tool creates a custom ticket field, updated automatically. You can create custom views around these fields to segment customers who need a follow-up, who react well to emails, and customers who require a different approach. Or, you can add Seen/Unseen columns in specific Ticket Views to highlight the opened and unopened tickets from any Zendesk view. Everything is made so that you don’t even have to enter the ticket to know if it’s been seen or not!

Send replies at best times

Email Tracking analyzes and track email opens and customer replies to suggest the perfect time for replying. This information is displayed directly in the ticket sidebar, so you’ll know precisely when your customers are most likely to read your message right away.
Users control window
Follow up window

Control who can use the mail tracker app

Our email tracker app is seamlessly integrated into Zendesk. Therefore, you can limit access to the app according to the default settings of Zendesk. Restrict access for certain roles or define the groups who should be able to use an Email Tracking app.

Comply with the GDPR

Click a single toggle to turn off tracking email opens on Zendesk for recipients who live in the European Union. Make sure that your email sales and support activities are GDPR compliant without putting in any effort.
Gdpr compliance

Analyze performance of Zendesk email tracking in detail

Get a better understanding of how your replies perform. See what macros work better, what types of replies users react to the most, and check the overall open rate across the company and each individual agent. To be more precise, here’s what filters you can choose to get insight into your email activity performance:
  • Agent - analyze the performance of all agents, or specifically chosen ones;
  • Group - choose one of your groups to see the overall performance of its members. Or, you can also choose the specific agents within this group to view the data for;
  • Time - choose a custom date range and display the results daily, weekly, or monthly;
  • Macros and Triggers - if you use pre-defined ticket answers, it’ll help to see which ones work better and which need a review;
  • Tags - see which emails work better for which recipients.
All Reports are downloadable to the CSV format, so go ahead!
Analyze performance window read receipts

Automated Blacklisting

Email Tracking app seamlessly blacklists agents in order to prevent them from accidentally creating a read receipt. You will know for fact that email opens are tracked correctly.

Simple Installation Process

You can add read receipts to your Zendesk Support account by merely a single click! There is no hassle of filling out any additional forms to start email delivery tracking.

Clear Pricing Structure

The app costs only 2 dollars per agent per month. And you get a free 7-day trial. There are no additional hidden payments or long-term agreements. Subscribe and cancel anytime.
Safety comes first

We guarantee private data security and we don’t collect or retain any information about you, agents, or customers, except:

  • Your Zendesk subdomain, and its URL
  • Agents IDs and their authorization tokens
  • Agents IPs to exclude their open events
  • Tracked Ticket ID
  • Custom field IDs which are required for this add-on
  • Comment and Macro ID

Email Tracking within GrowthDot Enterprise

Step into a new era of email engagement tracking with GrowthDot Enterprise. If you need superior, more unique, and more innovative solutions for your business, our dedicated team is prepared to embark on this journey with you. Enterprise plan gives you the full power and flexibility to scale the Email Tracking app and other integrated tools to accommodate your growing needs and objectives seamlessly.
Email Tracking within GrowthDot Enterprise
Transparent fee

Simple pricing

Billed Monthly Billed Yearly
Lite plan
per agent, per month
per agent, per month
Buy Lite
  • Track the delivery of sent emails
  • See the exact time and date of openings
  • Check how many times your message was opened
  • Real-time receipts and a timeline with tracking info
  • Send replies at the best times
  • CCs and followers tracking
  • Define the device type used to open the email
  • Automatically add ″unseen″ and ″seen″ tags to tickets
  • Check in-depth reports
  • Adjust settings to fit your workflow
  • Be compliant with GDPR and CCPA
  • The tracking is active for 10 days after the email was sent
  • Select 1 custom field to filter statistics
per agent, per month
per agent, per month
Buy Pro
  • Everything in Lite
  • Link tracking option
  • Change link tracking parameters
  • Advanced statistics with link tracking
  • The tracking is active for 30 days after the email was sent
  • Select up to 15 custom fields to filter statistics

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