6 Dead-Simple Tips to Succeed in Marketing Men vs Women

It doesn’t require to be Freud to realize the need in different approaches in marketing to men vs women. Lots of studies were done on the fundamental gender differences that influence various areas of our life, and buying habits aren’t exception. Meanwhile, men and women demand for an equality in everything, marketers search for the refined strategy that will give the targeted audience exactly what they ask for.

Eternal Gender Issue

In the flow of perpetuating stereotypes and prejudice, one fact should be admitted - both men and women are capable of equal intellectual performance, yet the difference in the way we process the information.

Currently, the gender lines start blurring and marketing to men vs women requires valuable data for developing diverse, compelling strategy. While designing your tactics, pay attention to the matter that men look for facts and data, while women attracted by graphics and storytelling. In comparison to women, men are more compulsive and result driven. In their turn, women want more details, emotional messages and care a lot about what other think.

Marketing to Men vs Women: Peek into Demands

Getting closer to the details in marketing to both sexes, you need to know what exactly men and women expect and want to receive. Check out the following contrasting aspects to be aware of what your audience look for.

  • Brand vs Price

Caring about their time, men prefer to buy brands or well-known products giving not much attention to the cost. Meantime, women are real hunters - they compare various offers and bargain for the lower price.

  • Logic vs Emotion

Let’s face the fact that women have a better-developed suite of emotions and tactile experience influences their decisions. Men audience needs fewer details, fewer steps and demands a clear description and a functionality guide.

  • Luxury vs Utility

While marketing to men vs women, remember that men are “must-haves” and ready to pay a pretty penny and women are “deal-breakers” who look for practicality and low or, at least, moderate price.

  • Simplicity vs Details

Not a surprise that men prefer clear guidance and solutions that require fewer efforts. Loads of details, description and comparisons get the faster response from women as they foresee for such stuff before making a buying decision.

  • Male vs Female

Gender of the product is the point worth mentioning. Men indeed attracted to the products or services that are positioned as male, functional and problem-solving. Women focus on an efficiency and utility of the product and give no attention to the gender.

6 Things to Consider in Developing Strategy

Before kicking off your strategy establishing, break the mould that marketing to men vs women are drastically different, and you should have entirely diverse tactics to attach one or the other. Yes, these audiences have specific habits, but knowing the nuances, you can apply the right message and place to attract both.

#1 Advertising

During creating your ad campaigns, mind that men need direct and instructional messages, suggestive humor and competitive activities. At the same time, women are susceptible to graphic loaded, emotional content along with real-life activities and feature reliable situations.

#2 Design and Navigation

Let’s take your website as a sample to explain the difference in marketing to men vs women.

For a male audience, it will be like an ideal funnel - once the client came, you can route him to the desired action by showing important element and simple, few steps navigation.

To convert female audience, the navigation should be intuitive and filled with details and emotional cues. Women don’t trust the info on the sites so your copy should be convincing and compelling.

#3 Email Campaigns

Men prefer to surf the web for a solution to their issues, and emails aren’t quite effective to reach them. Yet, women value personal approach and pay a considerable attention to their inbox. So far, newsletters will perform better with a female audience.

#4 Cost per Acquisition

Worth to point out that it is hard to convince men to buy something new and unknown while women are fans of new things and exciting experiences. So male audience is more loyal to the brand or company they buy and trust.

#5 Social Media Tactics

The process of marketing to men vs women in social networks is a tricky one. Female audience checks out brands and companies’ accounts, share experiences a lot as they look for some outside influence on their decisions. Men hate scrolling their feeds and make choices on their own.

Besides, your should note that men are usually found on LinkedIn, G+, Youtube, and Reddit, and women browse Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

#6 Customer Service

In planning your marketing strategy don’t forget about the customer service policies and work out the numerous ways to problem-solving instructions. If men have some issues, they will ask for precise directions without extra info. Women in their turn will let you know if they have problems or require more details.

Closing Thoughts

To succeed in marketing to men vs women, you should offer the idea and fulfill the need of a male audience, and show the story behind the product that your female audience may add to their lifestyle.

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