Get the Discount on all GrowthDot Apps for an Annual Subscription!

As you know, it's a great pleasure to reduce routine expenses and save some costs to buy something for loved ones or friends. In our turn, we decided to give you a little gift of a discount for an annual subscription to any of our apps. However, you can purchase all of them to make your Zendesk a super-powered machine for customer service.

Let’s dive into details of an annual discount

Our Winter sale lasted from the 1st of December, 2021 till the 1st of January, 2022, however we decided to continue it till the end of 2022. During that period, you can purchase the annual subscription to Email Tracking, Proactive Campaigns, GDPR Compliance, Video Reply, and CRM and Deals apps. The money will be taken off your credit card once for a ten-months price ahead. However, you’ll get an annual subscription for that price.

For instance, you need Proactive Campaigns 15$ Pro plan for 10 agent per year.

Usual bill for the whole year:10*15$*12months = 1800$

Yearly bill with discount: 10*15$*10months = 1500$

Note: Decide how many agents should use the certain app during the year. Set permissions for them in Zendesk settings. Besides, you may add extra agents during the year, however, you’ll pay a full price for the app they’re using for that part of the year.
Check out How to enable access to the app to set needed restrictions or permissions.

Let’s take a previous example. For instance, you purchased a yearly discounted subscription for 10 agents and added 2 agents in June. So, your yearly bill will include:

Yearly bill with winter discount (10*15$*10months = 1500$) + Bill for additional agents (2agents*15$*6months) = 1680$

If something is unclear, contact us to ask for details. By the way, we produce Zendesk themes and provide services for Zendesk.

We just want to say "Thank You"!

Thank you for being our client, for your feedback and insights. You help us to be better at improving the customer support of businesses worldwide!

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