GDPR Compliance
for Zendesk

GDPR Compliance is an application for Zendesk Support that allows to quickly and easily process the user's request about their data. Specifically, the app can anonymize, delete and retrieve data.

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Anonymous icon

Anonymize user’s data to remove personal data but still keep the information that’s essential to business reports

Download data icon

Download all ticket and personal data into a neatly compiled CSV file

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Permanently and completely delete customer data from your Zendesk Support account

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Redact the information for individual users, tickets, or create filtered lists

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, every EU citizen has the right to request to download or delete their personal data in Zendesk. GDPR app was made to help you process these requests, eliminating manual work.

Here’s a breakdown of how our application can be useful:

Keep the essential data without violating GDPR

The conversation history contains valuable information that helps your business grow. Zendesk GDPR Compliance allows keeping those bits of insights while removing customer’s personal data. The app will create a unique ID and make it impossible to identify the person.

Keeping an eye on your data
Customer data illustration

Easily download user and ticket data related to the specific customer

To provide personal data to end-users, you no longer have to manually copy or export the information. With GDPR Compliance, you can download the information about the user and the tickets they raised. Eventually, you will have all the data neatly formatted into a CSV file.

Permanently remove the end-user from the system

Manually deleting the user and their data from Zendesk takes some time and effort. GDPR Compliance makes it ridiculously simple. In just a couple of clicks, remove all user and ticket information forever! Every bit of personal data will be taken care of.

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Editing users illustration

Edit the users individually or in groups

How can you quickly remove the data for, say, 30 users? Easy. Just create a list in GDPR Compliance and initiate the process. The app will do the rest of the job. Lists can be created based on a large number of criteria giving you more flexibility.

Schedule GDPR processes available in premium only

Want to delete the user data on a specific date? Or maybe you want to anonymize all tickets that belong to a certain client once a month? It’s all possible with the Rules and Automations feature! Create personalized automations to start anonymizing or deleting sensitive information on a chosen date and time. You can make automations repetitive, choose the repetition time frame and end date. Get Premium to try all the settings for yourself.

Rules and Automations feature illustration
Delete organizations

Delete organizations

Organization deleting is also available in our app and you won’t find it in another GDPR apps instead of GDPR Compliance for Zendesk from GrowthDot. Process organizations individually or in bulk similarly to ticket and contact deleting and forget about any workarounds.


Adding the GDPR Compliance app to your account is simple. Just follow these steps:

Install from marketplace icon

Install the app from the marketplace

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Sign in and give access to your account in one click

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Start reading user data in a quick, easy and efficient manner

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Quickly process GDPR requests
Easily delete and download data
Eliminate manual work

No manual work. No hassle. With GDPR Compliance you can quickly and efficiently process users’ requests to delete or extract their personal data in Zendesk. Following is a break down of the ways our application can help streamline your workflow and comply with the requirements of GDPR.

Quickly process GDPR requests

Use cases

List icon

Create lists and redact data for multiple users

Saving info icon

Conceal personal data and keep important business insights

Saving time icon

Save your time when processing GDPR requests

Anonymous icon

Remove, anonymize or download data of individual users

Download data icon

Easily download user and ticket data upon request (including attachments)

Here’s what you get if you use GDPR Compliance.

Anonymous icon

Redact personal data while leaving the information that is essential to the business

Download data icon

Download user and ticket data with no manual work and access it from the neatly organized CSV file.

Delete data icon

Remove every bit of customer’s personal data forever in just a couple of clicks!

Transparent fee

Simple pricing - choose from 2 plans

Cobrado Mensalmente Cobrado Anualmente
por Subdomínio, por mês
por Subdomínio, por mês
Experimente 7 dias grátis
  • Anonimize os dados pessoais do ticket e do usuário no Zendesk
  • Extraia dados de usuários e tickets
  • Exclua permanentemente os dados do usuário e do ticket
  • Crie listas de contatos
  • Crie listas de tickets
  • Defina várias condições para filtragem de contatos e tickets
  • Defina processos para usuários/tickets individuais e em massa
  • Controle as permissões do agente para iniciar processos LGPD
  • Analise o desempenho com relatórios detalhados
por Subdomínio, por mês
por Subdomínio, por mês
Experimente 7 dias grátis
  • Tudo no Standard
  • Crie automações para listas de usuários e tickets
  • Agende processos LGPD
  • Crie regras repetitivas para processar informações pessoais
  • Defina datas de término para automações repetitivas
  • Substituir o solicitante original do ticket por um usuário sem nome para a anonimização do ticket
  • Add tags after the users’ anonymization

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