Few steps to create a ticket list in Proactive Campaigns!

Imagine you can deal with thousands of tickets in Zendesk easily by sorting this amount of requests like putting the staff on their shelves. From now on, Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk instance can help you with it! The plugin users are able to create ticket lists using different kinds of conditions. Yes, with our app, it's possible to sort the replies out not only by email or username. Our team made it as easy as possible to set numerous filters to narrow the search for needed tickets. Now, let’s make a brief overview of mentioned features and the process of creating a new ticket list in Proactive Campaigns.

How to create a ticket list in Proactive Campaigns

The whole process of creating a Ticket list is almost the same as creating a User list. It won’t take much time especially if you used Proactive Campaigns before. First, you need to go to the settings page and click “Add New List” in the higher right corner. Second, you should enter the parameters of your ticket list, click “Add Conditions”, choose the characteristic, and save the result. For example, you need to sort tickets with high priority, so you select the “Add Conditions” drop-down fields “priority-is-high” and press the “Save” button.

Ticket List In Proactive Campaigns Add

Add Ticket List

Finally, go to Ticket View, select your recently created list and check the result.

Ticket List In Proactive Campaigns List

Ticket View

From now on setting “Columns in the list” is also available not only for User List but for Ticket List. With its help, you can select columns that you want to display in your Ticket List. No doubt you will get used to this update quickly!

Ticket List In Proactive Campaigns Columns

Columns in the List

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