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How to Retrieve Data from Zendesk

GDPR Compliance allows you to download information about customers and tickets without performing long-term operations. The app will generate the users.csv with the corresponding user data and a ticket folder. This folder contains sorted tickets by other folders, whose names are the same as particular tickets' IDs. In the ticket folder, you will find comments.csv and ticket.csv files and an attachment folder (if enabled such an option). The former includes public comments from tickets and private ones (if enabled such an option). The latter has general information and data from the custom fields.

To switch the option go to Settings tab -> Process preferences -> Retrieving tab -> put the checkmarks to include Attachments or/and Private comments. Then, Save changes.

Select Additionals

Then, you can start retrieving process, and we are going to show you how to do it from several places in Zendesk.

Retrieving from the specific ticket

The first approach is retrieving data from the specific ticket. So, open the Views tab in Zendesk and select the ticket. Next, click on the Apps icon on the right-hand sidebar and click on Process GDPR Requests.

Process GDPR Requests

Next, choose Retrieve data and click on Proceed.

Retrieve Data

Then Start the process, Confirm, and after the process is completed, Download the archive.

Download Archive

Retrieving data for every single user from the list of all end-users in Zendesk

The following way is to retrieve every customer's data in Zendesk Support. That means you need to:

1. Go to the Zendesk’s Customers tab.

2. Then, select the needed user from the list or fill in the name of the user you are searching for and press Enter. Click on a customer name to open the profile.

Go To The Customers Tab

3. In the opened ticket click on Process GDPR requests on the sidebar. Next, select the type, click Proceed and follow the next steps for data retrieving.

Please consider that retrieving process is unavailable for ticket and contact lists in bulk. Therefore, you can choose only one ticket or contact directly from your Zendesk or open it from the GDPR Compliance app using the following approach:

1. Go to GDPR and select a user or ticket list. We chose the user list, which is on the Contact Views tab.

2. Then, click on the Eye icon to open and check the exact contact or ticket details and retrieve data from there.

Eye Icon

We hope this guide was helpful for you! Contact us if you have any questions.

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